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Teacher Training

This program, spanning one month to one-term, provides pre-school through high school level teachers and educators from China to learn about the British educational system, such as teaching methods , course structure and materials, as well as British culture and lifestyle.

International teachers are assigned a host school according to their interests and teaching background. They participate in classroom, administrative activities, school extracurricular activities, school clubs. International teachers live with host families, allowing them the unique opportunity to learn more about British ways of life by being part of a British family.

International teachers are expected to become an asset to the school by serving as a resource for cross-cultural learning and to participate in school activities both as a way to broaden their own experiences in the UK as well as to become an integrated part of the school community thereby allowing for more cross-cultural interaction with British students, educators and others. Placement location is determined by teacher’s interests and background, as well as host family and school availability.

We also offer a range of progress and assessment tools, which allow tutors to provide detailed feedback to clients on learners’ progresses and attainments.

Teacher Training
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