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Consulting Services

Cambridge International Education and Culture Centre is one of the leading consultancy firms in the field of UK education. We provide information, advice and services to parents and students seeking private education in the UK. Our education consulting services cover all aspects of UK education.

Our Education Consultant team help parents throughout the complicated and sometimes stressful process of choosing the right schools or universities for their children. We assist students with all aspects of their UK education from school application process to appointing suitable guardians, from tracking their progress to applying to university and career planning.

All our students are carefully screened and interviewed by our professional consultant based on academic achievement, adaptability, maturity, attitude, and English skills. Our approaches will help independent schools and universities to achieve better recruitment results.

CIEC consultants have all received British education up to PhD. They are experts in various academic fields and bring forth extensive knowledge on UK education and have years of experience in offering advice and guidance to parents. All consultation is highly tailored to our clients’ specific needs and extremely personalised.

With the ability, qualifications, experience and its established networks, CIEC’s specialized services guarantee mutual benefit for both overseas students and UK education providers.


This first stage begins with a meeting in person or telephone/Skype conversation with one of our schools consultants. Our education consultants will learn as much as possible about a child’s background, academic and extracurricular achievements. The purpose of this meeting is to get a solid understanding full of child ‘s needs in the academic, social, and emotional context as well as the parents’ requirements.

We also talk you through the process of studying abroad and help you decide if it is the right path for your child’s future.  The interviews would usually take place over one or more sessions in person but can also occur over phone or email.


After the student's profile is compiled, we will provide an assessment test to evaluate the student’s current level of academic preparation. We will then discuss the options available for the student and our preliminary recommendations that will be based on the information obtained in the meeting, student’s performance in the assessment test.

When an agreement is reached regarding the student’s path, the schools consultant then creates a carefully tailored list of recommended schools with a detailed report on each one. This may lead to extensive exchanges of ideas between parent, child and consultant to ensure the solutions best fit the student's particular talents and needs.

We organise special visits to up to the chosen schools, providing one of our consultants to accompany to parents and children on these visits. The consultant will act as an interpreter and take care of all logistical and practical aspects of travel including flight and hotel bookings, itineraries, and arranging appointments with schools.

It is useful to have an objective second opinion on whether the school is right for the student and visiting the school with the family can facilitate the discussion.


If the parents are happy at this stage to narrow down the list, our education consulting team will walk you through all stages of the application process. We provide a variety of services which include discussion of choices, arrange visits, advice on application approaches, preparation for entrance tests, interview until the offer of a place is secured.

Our team consult and negotiate with the selected schools, determine vacancies. provide strong personal recommendations and prepare all the registration documents.

Although we won’t write the application for the student, we provide critiques  and give advice on what schools and universities are looking for. With our help, the student will be able to put forth his best and ready to present a coherent, well-substantiated case to convince the school.

We also ensure that there is a mutual understanding between the parents’ expectations of the school and the school’s expectations of the child.

We can organise for a child to sit the appropriate school entrance exams either at one of our offices or at the school. We will provide private tuition focused on academic English, interview techniques, and conduct interview rehearsals, so that the student  will be properly prepared and feel more confident and expressive about this process.

Once a student is offered a place, we will help you through the process of acquiring a visa in order to allow your child into the school as easily as possible.

We provide follow- up services to support the students  from the first day the student arrives in the UK. We provide guardianship to ensure to ensure the student has a smooth transition into life abroad. We maintain regular contact with the school, monitor each student’s progress and  answer any questions or provide assistance.

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