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Independent school education has become one of Britain’s most promising potential exports, both in terms of incoming students to the UK and with the establishment of new boarding schools, courses, tutoring, and institutions overseas.

Independent schools in Britain and British international schools overseas share the same passion and ambition to provide outstanding educational outcomes for young people, which build on the wealth of multicultural diversity and talent that exists within the school community and beyond.

Cambridge International Education and Culture Centre has expertise in all areas of the development of international schools and their curricular. We have fostered close relationships with other accreditation, academic and consultative agencies. We connect the UK  network with partners abroad who wish to invest in or establish co-operation with leading schools and universities, as well as other educational projects.

Our expertise and connections allow us to offer advice and support advice on the establishment and management of educational projects abroad from international school start-ups and development, to setting up a branch of a British boarding school in China We also help clients devise curriculum and teaching materials for an online English language and advise overseas clients on acquiring a boarding school in the UK.

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