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CIEC specializes in providing guidance and support to individuals and institutions who seek to access world class education in Britain.

We started in 2006 by offering an engaging educational program in the UK to Chinese students. We are now expanding our focus beyond China and have changed our name to Cambridge International Education and Culture Centre.

CIEC offers comprehensive advice and support advice for students and parents on all aspects of UK education. From choosing a school that best fit the student's needs and realize the student's potential, to career planning and applying to university, we have a team of education experts who collectively have years of experience in offering advice and guidance. We also offer a wide range of other related services.

In the past years, CIEC has developed partnerships with UK and Chinese organizations. We had great success in placing participants in our  programmes including high school students, university graduates, teachers, visiting scholars and professionals.

CIEC is based in Cambridge, with other offices in Beijing and Shenzhen

Our Vision
To become the leading provider of creative and cultural education preparing young people  for future success.

Our Mission
To provide the access to elite international education for young people and ensure they have opportunities to reach their full potential and capabilities so as to build lives that have meaning to them and to the society.

To promote and support the continuous improvement of education exchange, to create new international connections among young people from different culture  which inspire personal growth, mutual respect, and cultural understanding, foster friendly relations and help unite our world in trust and harmony.



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