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Our Guardianship Services

CIEC is a professional organisation which provides long-term support and trustworthy Guardianship Services for overseas pupils attending schools in Britain, to ensure that their experience of studying in the UK is positive and rewarding.

CIEC’s guardian families are professional people with nice homes.  All guardians are well experienced and qualified; extensive background checks are made on all staff before employment. Most of our guardians have current or past experience of independent education.

The role played by our guardians goes well beyond this minimum legal requirement. They have a profound understanding in the dynamics of boarding, enjoy the friendship and trust of their charges, and offer them reliable advice and support.  They are very supportive and caring families who will take an interest in overseas pupil’s  wellbeing, and work closely with pupils, parents, housemasters and teachers to and  offer  reassurance that every overseas child are safe, well cared for and happy.

If parents would like to have more information on our guardianship services, please register here.

If you a UK-Based family and interested in acting as guardian to an international pupil at boarding school, please contact us .

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