Q. Who are the teachers and students and what’s their age group?
A. Both teachers and students are from secondary schools and high schools in  China. Students age varied from 13 to 17. Teachers are adults.

Q. How long are they here for and when do they arrive?
A. Boarding students normally stay during exeat weekends and half term. Holiday student groups some stay from 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

Q. Can the students speak English?
A. All the students can speak basic English though some are more fluent than others. As they have had little opportunity to meet with native speakers of English before, they may be a bit shy about speaking and worried about making mistakes. We expect guardian families  be supportive and encouraging students to speak English and  involving him/her in your family life.

Q. What type of accommodation do I need to provide?
A. You should provide a private single or twin room for your guest. You will need to provide clean bed linen. A desk,  wardrobe or chest of drawers will also help the students feel more settled and more at home. We do ask that under no circumstances that the student share the room with family members or other guests, although we may arrange for two students to share a twin room.

Q. Will I be responsible for the student’s transportation?
A. No, we will provide each student a weekly bus pass/tram/train tickets and arrange the necessary transport for their trips. However, you will be ask to show the students of how to take a bus  on the first day and do the pick up and drop off on the arrival and departure.

Q. What about using the phone, TV, internet etc.?
A. When you first meet your guest it is a good idea to let them know any house rules you have about using the phone, TV etc. This prevents any misunderstanding or problems later.

We trust you will make your guest feel at home, and he/she may enjoy watching television or videos with you. It is up to you what arrangements you make for the phone for local calls, but it is a good idea to make sure your guest knows where they can buy international phone cards and we ask that you let them use your home phone to call abroad with a phone card. We will let students know the best cards available for calling China and will ask them not to use your phone without permission. however, we  cannot take any responsibility for extra charges accrued as a result of the homestay.

Q. When will I get paid?
A. You will be paid at the end of the student’s stay.
If you have any more questions, please ask staff at CIEC who will be able to answer any queries. If you are unhappy with any arrangements or are aware of any problems, please let us know as soon as possible. We really hope homestay is a positive experience for you and that you will consider offering homestay accommodation again in the future.

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