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Education Guardianship

All British boarding schools insist that pupils under the age of 18 whose parents are live aboard have a guardian resident in the UK. Such guardians are appointed by pupils’ parents and hold all responsibility for travel and safety when children are outside school.

A guardian will act as the local in-country contact in case of emergency and  ensure that the child is well cared for at exeat weekends and half term holidays, if they are not planning to return home.

A guardian may deliver any provisions the child needs at school and arrange any appointments (e.g. to doctors or to visit other schools and universities).

In addition to having your child to stay with them at exeats and half term holidays, your child’s guardian will attend parents’ meeting on your behalf, keep in regular contact with both you and your child, so they can act quickly should any concern or issue arise. Children can remain with the same guardian family throughout their time with us, meaning warm, long-lasting friendships will grow as they progress through their time at school.

If your child requires a visa to study at boarding school in the UK, you will also need to submit the details of your UK guardian arrangements with the visa application form.

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